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Scene4  Nathan Thomas, Michael Bettencourt, Danin Adler, Claudine Jones, Ned Bobkoff, Martin Challis, Andrea Kapsaski, Andréa Carvalho

Nathan Thomas
Another trend or facet suggests
that theatre is not universall

Michael Bettencourt
Good Art Slaps Us In The Face

Good art puts a thumb in our eye, a spike in our ear
 knife 'twixt ribs five and six

Arthur Meiselman
It's The Blood That Matters
An interview with the Poet
Selena Zachai

Claudine Jones

The summer I was 7,  I wanted (or more accurately
 my mother wanted me to want) to go to summer school

Ned Bobkoff
Squeeze Box

It's what keeps the theatre alive.
No one can fault them on that.

Andrea Kapsaski
Having a father who was a film director involved the wonderful fact of seeing and talking about Cinema

Martin Challis
Fear Thrives In Silence

For the experienced actor this fear can be challenging
for the beginning actor it can be paralysing

Andréa Carvalho
Virgínias and the Book Fair
Virginia Woolf  is in Virgínias, the most recent production by Teatro de Frente

Virgínias e a Bienal do Livro
Virginia Woolf está em Virgínias, a mais recente produção do Teatro de Frente



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