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July 2011

Scene4 Magazine - Visions - Henri Matisse, Woody Allen, Ferzan Ozpetek - July 2011
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It is more important to me to have my plays produced than it is to make money off them.
Michael Bettencourt

From Rome to Bangkok Italian Style
Only the Italians can do it... stage a glittering film festival in a sweltering, gridlocked city, in a mall (of all places) and do it with class, and style and even some dolce vita. It's called: Moviemov.
Arthur Meiselman

The irritation that I experience is that particularly one political party seems enthralled by only one notion – give more money to the truly rich, and everything will get better.
Nathan Thomas

The Last Gladiator in the New Rome
Evel Knievel has been called many things, but the word "artist" is a term not usually ascribed to him. Back in 2008, I went way out on a limb and wrote as much.  Broadening the definition of art itself, I proclaimed Evel Knievel an artist.
Les Marcott

Who Are You
goes 'boom' inside you
you are that thing
no effort on your part
transmission gratis

Claudine Jones

Looking to the west I see a perfect rainbow
Tucked under and lifting a symphony of cloud
The sun beams in lay-lines from its horizon

Martin Challis

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Into the Light

This play deals with the fascinating and enigmatic story of Edith Stein, a Jewish girl who became a respected "existential" scholar, assistant to the philosopher Husserl, and made the incredible journey into Catholicism and one of its most demanding disciplines, The Carmel. Caught up in the horror of the Holocaust, she was murdered at Auschwitz. She was beatified by Pope John Paul II which inspired an array of controversy that lingers today.

Celine Nally

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Scene4 Magazine: "Midnight in Paris" reviewed by Miles David Moore July 2011

FILM (Reviews)
Midnight in Paris

Most recently Woody Allen's films have been dour variations on the theme of making one's own morality in a meaningless universe, which is why Midnight in Paris, his new comedy-fantasy, is such a delightful surprise. 
Miles David Moore

Scene4 Magazine: "Mine Vaganti" reviewed by Arthur Meiselman  July 2011

FILM (Review)
Mine Vaganti

Ferzan Ozpetek is a photographer. All of his films reflect his photographic eye, his sense of image-flow timing, and his consummate skill to translate the vision in his mind onto film.
Arthur Meiselman

Scene4 Magazine: "The Steins Collect" reviewed by Renate Stendhal July 2011

The Steins Collect:
Matisse, Picasso and the
Parisian Avant-Garde

The art works the Steins boldly chose to collect and hang on the walls of their salons have now been gathered in a monumental exhibition at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA). It is not just a major San Francisco art exhibition, it's the most ambitious exhibition SFMOMA has ever shown.
Renate Stendhal

Scene4 Magaine - "Playwrights in Mind" reviewed by Karren Alenier | July 2011

Playwrights in Mind:
A National Conference

What happens when playwrights and their collaborators get together? What the officers and staff the Dramatists Guild of America hoped for was that attendees would talk to each and that value would be added on all fronts.
Karren Alenier

Scene4 Magazine: New Technology

Canon Pixma MX882
Wireless Inkjet
All-in-One Printer

Scene4 Magazine: New Technology - Canon Pixma MX882 | May 2011

Scene4 Magazine — inSight - Views and Perspective on the Arts

Scene4 Magazine - Karren Alenier - The Steiny Road To Operadom -

Taking the Edge Off

Lately the Steiny Road Poet has been escaping the harsh realities of Now by going to the movies.
Karren Alenier

Scene4 Magazine: Lia Beachy - La Femme La Mujer La Donna

In Ireland: At The Abbey

A lifelong dream to see a play at the Abbey Theatre was finally realized and it met my every expectation times a million.
Lia Beachy

Scene4 Magazine: Kathi Wolfe - Life Among The Heffalumps
Tripping Over the Ottoman: My Muse Stumbles Into Midnight In Paris

How do we make art now–when our time is so troubled?  Are we current artists grossly inferior to the greats of the past?
Kathi Wolfe

Scene4 Magazine: Comics - "My Old Man - Big Time in Las Vegas" Elliot Feldman July 2011

My Old Man!
Big Time in Las Vegas

An ongoing series by Scene4's resident mad cartoonist
Elliot Feldman

Scene4 Magazine: "Ageless Beauty" | Janine Yasovant | July 2011

Ageless Beauty

Pra Chao Kaw Tue and
Pra Nang Leo
Thousands of kilograms of scupted iron covered with gold.

Janine Yasovant

คลิกเพื่ออ่านบทความนี้ เป็นภาษาไทย

Scene4 Magazine: "Mark the Winds" | Griselda Steiner July 2011

Mark the Winds

Would that my mind could reach the sky
And mark the winds like the clouds

Griselda Steiner

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