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July 2011

Scene4 Magazine: "Midnight in Paris" reviewed by Miles David Moore July 2011

FILM (Reviews)
Midnight in Paris

Most recently Woody Allen's films have been dour variations on the theme of making one's own morality in a meaningless universe, which is why Midnight in Paris, his new comedy-fantasy, is such a delightful surprise. 
Miles David Moore

Scene4 Magazine: "Mine Vaganti" reviewed by Arthur Meiselman  July 2011

FILM (Review)
Mine Vaganti

Ferzan Ozpetek is a photographer. All of his films reflect his photographic eye, his sense of image-flow timing, and his consummate skill to translate the vision in his mind onto film.
Arthur Meiselman

Scene4 Magazine: "The Steins Collect" reviewed by Renate Stendhal July 2011

The Steins Collect:
Matisse, Picasso and the
Parisian Avant-Garde

The art works the Steins boldly chose to collect and hang on the walls of their salons have now been gathered in a monumental exhibition at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA). It is not just a major San Francisco art exhibition, it's the most ambitious exhibition SFMOMA has ever shown.
Renate Stendhal

Scene4 Magaine - "Playwrights in Mind" reviewed by Karren Alenier | July 2011

Playwrights in Mind:
A National Conference

What happens when playwrights and their collaborators get together? What the officers and staff the Dramatists Guild of America hoped for was that attendees would talk to each and that value would be added on all fronts.
Karren Alenier

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July 2011

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