Be A Widow To The World

Griselda Steiner

Sun  - Water  -  Spears
Pray every day

Begin your day with prayer shields

The Lord said turn the other cheek
But I have only one in profile
It is a sword

Be a widow to the world
Pray for vision
See evil that is hidden
See the evil face
Know that
Women who bear children to die are childless
A man who follows blindly is a mindless warrior
A life that does not value life is lifeless
A believer in a god that condones murder is godless

I give you my sword
Not to strike the man
But to cut the root of evil

The root of evil is in the Mind
Today the evil in the Mind is in War
And the Weapon is War
And all Warriors victims

Poison on poison
The snake bites the snake
Brother kills brother
Cut the cycle
Cut the cord
Be a widow to the world
Light a candle one by one
Pray for peace
It is done

(In my play "MARY M and THE MAD PROPHET", the MAD PROPHET - philosopher, poet, jazz drummer – narrates a story that spans millennia from Biblical Times to the Now and explores the theme of Mary Magdalene as the ancient Double Goddess empowered as all aspects of the divine feminine.  After the resurrection, MARY THE BRIDE escapes to the South of France where she has become a preacher.)

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Griselda Steiner is a poet, dramatist and free-lance writer living in New York City. A member of the Playwrights and Directors Unit of the Actors Studio from 2007 through 2009, she has written the play MARY M and the MAD PROPHET, the musical HYPATIA and screenplay THE GODDESS IN EXILE.
For more of her poetry, commentary and articles, check the Archives


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