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May 2012

Scene4 Magazine — reView - review film, theatre, dance, music and other arts
Scene4 Magazine: "Hugo" reviewed by Miles David Moore Mayl 2012

FILM (reviews)
A Separation

Two of the big winners at this year's Academy Awards ceremony were Martin Scorsese's Hugo and Asghar Farhadi's A Separation, which can be reviewed together only as a study in contrasts..
Miles David Moore

Scene4 Magazine: Balanchine at San Francisco Ballet | reviewed by Catherine Conway Honig | May 2012 |


The rhythm of their jumps, the weight of their landings and the silence when they were suspended in the air was the music he needed to hear. San Francisco Ballet's recent all-Balanchine program featured two masterpieces that provided the audience with the opportunity to appreciate the subtlety of these sounds.
Catherine Conway Honig

Scene4 Magazine: Arts of Thailand - Cuisine | The South Is Hot But Oh, So Good! | Janine Yasovant | May 2012 |

The South Is Hot But Oh, So Good!

The food there is rather hot and spicy made from a variety of chillies and herbs and the tastes are salty, sweet, sour and very hot.
Janine Yasovant
คลิกเพื่ออ่านบทความนี้ เป็นภาษาไทย

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May 2012

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