Call it slam, jam, word art, performance art, whatever you call it, URBAN GRAFFITI is theatre! It’s raw, it’s surprising and above all it’s entertainment, theatre entertainment.

It has a unique style because it’s uniquely LA. I mean, look at the performance venue -- on a movie lot that used to be the famous United Artists – in a theatre that used to be the famous actor, Douglas Fairbanks’ very own private gym. And the audiences love it.             

And all night...

It’s also different because it’s a competition... for credit, for showcase and for... money. The judges are known, respected people in the industry. A mix of poetry, monologues and scenes, URBAN GRAFFITI presents auditioned actors and performers who range from
okay to good to special.

All day...

The words are everything; the presentation is immediate and audience-driven; the acting is honest and often moving.

URBAN GRAFFITI is nurtured and produced by Boricua Films The company is a producer of innovative animated series, short films, and documentaries. This is their first venture into live-staging though the principals have an extensive background in both theatre and film. They’re planning to take this show nationally and even internationally.
The next one is UG4...

Same place, same time, all day and all night.
Did we mention the food?

URBAN GRAFFITI 4 is set for August 23rd at The Lot in Los Angeles. Read all about it at
                                                                               – rs



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