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Michael Bettencourt
The Macho Zone
So here I am holding this wheezing, sleeping boy against my chest, swaying slightly, eddied about by the blank-faced rush of people "on the go" — and then it happened.

Arthur Meiselman
Reality: Stage It and Cage It
An 'avatar', a virtual creature who embodies the above-described reality of Reality
in the media... the candidate for the
Vice-Presidency, Sarah Palin.

Nathan Thomas
My Time With The Russians
Where does the culture begin and where does the artist end?  Or, where does the artist begin absent any input from the culture in which the artist lives?

 Les Marcott
What’s In A Name
Rip Van Winkle Reimagined
(with apologies to Washington Irving)

Martin Challis
No Acting

What changed was that I crossed the bridge between my world and the world within the language of the text. It became personal.
It became meaningful.

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