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october 2007

Scene4 Magazine: Virgin Love at the Ricardo Montalbán Repertory Theatre Company in Hollywood
Ricardo Montalbán Repertory Theatre Company

The new Ricardo Montalbán Repertory Theatre Company (RMRTC) will open its third production of the season, Virgin Love, at the Ricardo Montalbán Theatre in Hollywood, California on Friday October 26 through December.  Virgin Love is a musical Commedia set in the 1700s with a Latino twist.

On the fictitious Carribean island of "Latinia," Virgin Love follows the exploits of Arlecchino, an young man who is burdened by an embarrassing secret...he is a virgin.  His suffering is made all the more excruciating as he witnesses everybody else engaging in the act of love.  By chance, he meets Leandro, a bachelor about town who visits the houses of several women while their husbands are away.  The two men become fast friends when Leandro's ears are tickled by the sweet voice of Bonita, a beautiful, yet mathematically-challenged maiden. The friendship is solidified when Leandro decides to give up bachelorhood for true love. A deal is struck.   Arlecchino will help Leandro win Bonita's heart, in turn, Leandro will help Arlecchino rid himself of his condition. The comedy ensues as Arlecchino embarks on his quest to become a true man.  Along the way, his chances are thwarted by encounters with capricious women, alcoholic wives, underappreciated husbands, sexually ambiguous couples, and the 'Bunny Messenger of the Gods'.  

Scene4 Magazine: Virgin Love at the Ricardo Montalbán Repertory Theatre Company in Hollywood

Originally, produced by Theatre 6470 in 1993, this newly revamped and envisioned production brings new an array of innovative elements into the mix.  Among them, the addition of Latin music which gives Virgin Love its RMRTC flavor.  Various Latin styles such as salsa, merengue, ranchero and even polka make for a lively juxtaposition with the 18th century costuming.  Add to it— swashbuckling swordplay— and Virgin Love promises to be a real crowd pleaser.

The production is directed by Felipe Alejandro and features Les Borsay, Lawrence  Smilgys , Kikey Castillo, Nicole Ortega, James Tumminia, A. Torres-Salazar, Fernando Luis, Antonio Vega, Kristen Marie Nielsen, Lorraine Ressegger, Charles Rome, Napolean Thomas, Eliana Horeczko, and Heleya De Barros.

Scene4 Magazine: Virgin Love at the Ricardo Montalbán Repertory Theatre Company in Hollywood

Virgin Love was written by Timothy Groff, founding member of the award-winning Troubadour Theatre Company.  He has had plays produced at Garry Marshall's Falcon Theatre, The Hudson Theatre, and other venues around Los Angeles.

Virgin Love also features the work of award-winning designers : Lighting by Mark Woods, Costumes by Jennifer Soulage, Sets by Roy Rede, Make-up by Adam Bershad, Hair by Bryson Conley, music composed and arranged by A. Torres-Salazar, and Choreography by David Llauger-Meiselman.

Ricardo Montalbán Repertory Theatre Company (RMRTC) is a new branch of the Ricardo Montalbán Foundation. Created by Felipe Alejandro and David Llauger-Meiselman, the RMRTC is dedicated to the American Latino experience. Since its inception, RMRTC has presented quality works such as  the critically acclaimed Transformations, and Love, Lies and Revolution, two productions written, produced, directed, and performed by company members for the 2006-2007 season.  Its mix of new and established playwrights exemplifies its commitment to daring and challenging works and the development of Latino talent and serves to fulfill a part of Ricardo Montalbán's dream… by providing opportunities for Latinos in all aspects of theatrical entertainment.


The Ricardo Montalbán Theatre, 1615 Vine Street, Hollywood, CA.
Limited Engagement: begins October 26, 2007
For more information, call: 323-461-0663 or see:

Photos - Gil Smith


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october 2007

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