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Ars Longa, Vita Brevis - Like Sisyphus, Art has carried its rock up the mountain of time from the first moment a hominid saw its face reflected in water and tried to copy it in the sand.

Theatre - "A Truly Existential
Understanding of What It Means to Be Human Is The Most Radical Thing You Can Talk About"
An Interview with
Elfin Vogel on the State of the Art in Theatre
Michael Bettencourt

Film - Phantom Limb
The film alchemy of
Jay Rosenblatt
Renate Stendhal

Ars Asia - Asia Through A Thai Looking Glass
The arts of Asia abide – as expansive and merchandised
as in any other part of the world.
 Danin Adler

Playwrights - New Plays
It is unfortunate that world premieres
are far more common in dance
than they are in theatre.
Catherine Conway Honig

Opera - The State of New Opera
There are few world premieres in any one year
and fewer that stand on the cutting edge
Karren Alenier

Music - The Future of the Art of Art Music
An Interview with
Eric L. McIntyre
Nathan Thomas

Animation - Character Animation
Not Just Technology

Pictures may paint
 a thousand words
but images potent with emotion
touch a thousand lives
Martin Challis

Theatre (at the edge) - Adina Tal
Interview with the
director of
Michael Bettencourt

Film (at the edge) - Tango
From film to flash
the reflow of one medium
into another
Rolf Schwarz

Art the State of - What's It All About, Philtra?
A puzzle about the passage of time
Claudine Jones

Myths - The Myth of the
Hero with the Big Gun
Whoever tells the
shapes society
Arthur Kanegis

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