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Michael Bettencourt
Exposing Exposition
One of the pay-offs of doing a goodly amount of reviewing lately has been the opportunity to see my craft from a different angle — to look under the hood, so to speak, and watch the machinery whirl away.

Arthur Meiselman
I live in an ugly country—not the latent, panoramic beauty of America's countryside— rather it's cities and towns. Unlike many places in Europe or Asia, American cities, for the most part, have no center.

Nathan Thomas
Growing Pains
I am simply telling the truth that acting is hard. It takes courage.  There aren't really short cuts.  And that this appears to be the case isn't bad.  Easy isn't always good.

Les Marcott
One Man and His Sling Blade
Is someone who uses a top of the line, gas guzzling, multi horsepower, carbon fume emitting riding lawn mower on a lawn the size of a postage stamp utilizing appropriate technology?  I think not.

Claudine Jones
 I've helped my oldest son make a Halloween costume on oh-so-many occasions over the years; each successive year it has become more & more of a production. He always has a 'concept'. One year it included contacts that turned his eyes into a lizard's.


November 2010

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November 2010

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