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Oregon Shakespeare Festival
Style, Breadth and Imagination
by Catherine Conway Honig

Somewhere In Time
Arthur Meiselman
The Fallen Ice Cream
Michael Bettencourt
Midsummer Night's Dream From The East
Andrea Kapsaski
I Changed The Way I Saw The World
Martin Challis
Some News And A Review
Andréa Carvalho

Doctor Atomic Is Alive!
Karren Alenier
Doctor Atomic Is Dead!
Renate Stendhal
Ned Bobkoff
Lady... Lose The Pantyhose
Ren Powell

The Steiny Road To Operadom
Karren Alenier
Arts oif Thailand
Janine Yasovant
Walking In Beauty
Arthur Kanegis and Rob Cochran

Shakespeare and the Dark Lady of the Sonnets
Enzo Condello

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