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Michael Bettencourt
Eros On The Escalator
 A satisfying flirt has both qualities to it, the sexual jump-the-bones desire and the erotic linger, materiality and spirit, haggle and invitation, attraction and beauty

Arthur Meiselman
The Story of Jody Thomas
Why does a death-sentenced prisoner cooperate in his own execution, more so, what would happen if he refused and stalemated the execution?

Nathan Thomas
It’s A Tragedy
One of the problems I have is that I think that a major difference exists between the tragic and the merely dramatic
A tragedy shouldn’t be merely sad

Les Marcott
The Songwriter

In celebration of Mr. Americana
and Texas treasure
Willie Nelson’s 75th birthday

Martin Challis
Arts at the Centre

Clearly demonstrating the importance of the summit and the role of the arts in society, Cate Blanchett attended the summit only five days after giving birth

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