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Michael Bettencourt
A quarter century ago, I was
actually a dancer:
performer, teacher, choreographer
Yes, another life completely

Arthur Meiselman
The Voice of Eugene O’Neill
The only American playwright
 to win a Nobel prize for his
 daring and innovative explorations
 and his contribution to literature

Nathan Thomas
Kostya’s Diaries
What makes Stanislavsky different
 was not that he acted
but that he thought about
what an actor actually does

Claudine Jones
Stink Eye
I remember laughing outloud at the Chronicle review (didn’t laugh later—it was only the half-drunken fervor that struck me funny at the time)

Martin Challis
Why Mountains Are to Climb

Given the choice would you choose an infinite plane with no variation - a flat or level surface or a level of existence that remains unchanged and unchanging?

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