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Michael Bettencourt
Jigging and Reeling
It refreshens me by stripping away the over-importanced tics of my oh-so-New-York-life and narrowing the moment down to one body moving in space

Arthur Meiselman
The Art of Cooking
In America, the art of cooking has nothing to do with survival—iit’s entertainment. Americans do not eat to survive
they eat to get fat

Nathan Thomas
The Cave Dwellers
Music for William Saroyan’s
 The Cave Dwellers including
 an overture you can listen to and
 a score you can read

Les Marcott
YouTube Observations

There are way too many videos of elderly Filipina grandmothers eating crabs, washing dishes, etc.  Someone needs to tell their grandsons to find another subject

Martin Challis

She hides in the edges of shade
She smiles at the umber moon
I never see her
She lives near the well

Claudine Jones
Sing Your Heart Out

I’ve gotten into training myself with little mini-outings to see what it’s like to be alone again in a restaurant with a book
 I mean ‘alone’ as in ‘by myself ’

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