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July 2010

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Spoken Words
Michael Bettencourt
English Only?
If I had my way I would draft legislation stating that Americans should learn at least, say, three new languages during their lives

Arthur Meiselman
Minding Books
In a Thai village, a few years ago, I sat in a little, outdoor bar in the heat of the afternoon, drinking a cold beer. Sitting next to me, a villager, a farmer, taking a break.

Nathan Thomas
Meyerhold and Dalcroze
In the end, Meyerhold wanted to train actors and in the end, Jaques-Dalcroze wanted to train musicians

City Life
Les Marcott
In the Neighborhood
I often think of my own neighborhood as one of those truly unique places.  It's a place where the affluent, the poor, and the very poor mingle

Martin Challis
The Tragedy of Kevin the King
 Here was a man who had commanded the highest popularity of any Prime Minister in history, sent to the backbenches like a whimpering schoolboy

Claudine Jones
 I would posit that the only reason for being involved in theater arts in the first place is to participate in the game

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Scene4 Magazine - "The Tosca Project" reviewed by Catherine Conway Honig July 2010 -
Scene4 Magazine: "Tanzträume" A film about Pina Bausch’s ‘Kontakthof’ danced by teenagers | reviewed by Renate Stendhal | July 2010 -
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FILM (Reviews)
Family Secrets
City Island
the films of
Raymond De Fellita

Miles David Moore

American Conservatory Theater
The Tosca Project
Catherine Conway Honig

A film about Pina Bausch's 'Kontakthof' danced by teenagers
Renate Stendhal

Madame Butterfly's Umbrella
and Sao Kruea Fah

Janine Yasovant
คลิกเพื่ออ่านบทความนี้ เป็นภาษาไทย

The Steiny Road to Operadom

John Adams: Perspectives
Imagine the music of your favorite opera coming out of the pit onto the stage alone without voices and movement of the singers.
 Karren Alenier

Life Among the Heffalumps
Take My Iambic Pentameter....Please!
 Why Poetry, Art and Life, Need the Politically Incorrect, the Perverse and the Profane.
Kathi Wolfe

The serialization of a new novel by
Martin Challis
Chapter Fourteen - Hunter
They'd received a call 20 minutes earlier from a neighbour who'd heard screaming. Two detectives, Crowle and Earnshaw entered the kitchen, guns ready.

Scene4 Magazine — inSight - perspectives on arts and media
Scene4 Magazine - Karren Alenier - The Steiny Road To Operadom -
Scene4 Magazine: Lia Beachy - La Femme La Mujer La Donna

La Femme La Mujer La Donna
Time for Summer
The sun is shining. Grass is growing. Tomatoes are ripening. Hummingbirds are humming. Dogs and cats are napping in the light and warmth of day. And the only lines to be had should be tan lines.
Lia Beachy

Scene4 Magazine - Kathi Wolfe - Life Among The Heffalumps -
Scene4 Magazine - Old Hippy "The Old Kokkers Table" by Elliot Feldman-July
Scene4 Magazine: "Where Cedar Falls" by Martin Challis -

Old Hippy
The Old Kokkers Table
Elliot Feldman

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July 2010

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