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Spoken Words
Michael Bettencourt
English Only?
If I had my way I would draft legislation stating that Americans should learn at least, say, three new languages during their lives

Arthur Meiselman
Minding Books
In a Thai village, a few years ago, I sat in a little, outdoor bar in the heat of the afternoon, drinking a cold beer. Sitting next to me, a villager, a farmer, taking a break.

Nathan Thomas
Meyerhold and Dalcroze
In the end, Meyerhold wanted to train actors and in the end, Jaques-Dalcroze wanted to train musicians

City Life
Les Marcott
In the Neighborhood
I often think of my own neighborhood as one of those truly unique places.  It's a place where the affluent, the poor, and the very poor mingle

Martin Challis
The Tragedy of Kevin the King
 Here was a man who had commanded the highest popularity of any Prime Minister in history, sent to the backbenches like a whimpering schoolboy

Claudine Jones
 I would posit that the only reason for being involved in theater arts in the first place is to participate in the game

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July 2010

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