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Michael Bettencourt
Playwrights' Forum
A Real Forum for Playwrights

Three years ago, I spent a wonderful weekend in Memphis, Tennessee, with Playwrights' Forum

Arthur Meiselman
Kubrick Remembered
As one director mused: "I look at the history of cinema and I see it divided into 'before Kubrick' and 'after Kubrick'."

Nathan Thomas
What does a director in the theatre do? I’ve taken courses in directing from teachers I think are good teachers.  I’ve taught directing.  But what did I learn?

 Les Marcott
The Death of the American Sideshow
Step right up!  Come one, come all!
Be ready to be entertained, repulsed, titillated and shocked all at the same time

Claudine Jones
Fencing with Chairs
After five years it kind of hurts that
perhaps in the swirling eddy
making up the boss’s stream of memory
I’m just a floater

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