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vita brevis, ars longa
As the song sings
Anything Goes!

Keeping A Small Theatre Alive
Interview with John Basil
Michael Bettencourt

The Most Serious Time of Your Life
Interview with Rian Johnson
Miles David Moore

Old Hippy In Hollywood
Elliot Feldman

Music, Madness and the American Spirit
Questions for Phil Ochs and Woody Guthrie

Les Marcott

Dance In Los Angeles
The Vibrant Heart of A Company and A Woman
Lia Beachy

The World Of New Opera
Interview With Charles Downey

Karren Alenier

Past and Future Joined
Talking With Brecht and Meyerhold

Nathan Thomas

A Very Special "Occasion"
Breaking Bread with Drew Hayden Taylor
Carole Quattro Levine

Currency of the Heart
Interview With Grace Cavalieri
Kathi Wolfe

When The Dream Died
Interview With Abigail Van Alyn

Claudine Jones

Resistance and Power in Brazilian Theatre
Interview with Amir Haddad
Andrea Carvalo

Theatre Should Be Free Like Air or Love
Conversation With Joan Littlewood
Andrea Kapsaski

Arguments With Myself
Suite of Six Short Avant Garde Plays
Spence Porter

art of acting
Artist to Artist
An Actor's Inquiry
Martin Challis

the readers blog
¿Qué Pasa?

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