Martin Challis

january 2006

The Essence Is Love

Recently my beloved uncle from the U.S. wrote me.  He said he was a little worried and sensed I had drifted off my path.  I assured him all was well.  I told him about a recent setback and assured him that the course was set for change and good things to come.  His letter did however help me to reconnect to a sense of purpose and meaning. Sorting out in my mind the difference between what matters and what doesn't, I stopped to breathe a while.

Taking the time to breathe and reflect I looked deeply within and felt a softening.  My heart went quiet.  My mind went quiet.  And then a re-awakening occurred.  I remembered Love.  I felt Love. It was deep and quiet.  I was full of gratitude and breathing once again without constraint.  Feeling Love for Love's sake.

Into my mind came a lyric and a song that I had written years before.  Initially I had written it with a partner in mind but as it went on I realised the lyric was about Love and Life and Love for Life.  And this was exactly what I had started to feel again.

In this month's column I would like to share these words and music with you.  The singer is Katie Noonan.  The album from which this song comes is a self-titled album called Elixir, a three-piece group vocals, guitar and saxophone.  Katie told me recently that this song has become a highly requested song at weddings in Australia.

Essence of My Love  
you have given me the gift of love
abundant and imperishable
and with it I embrace the world
you have shown me love unshackled
cherishing every second of existence
a smiling love that warms the heart
linking friend with foe
burying all enmity and acrimony  
governing and determining to brinks of passion
where sights unseen are revealed in glorious circumstance
your abundant love holds me high
and I walk strong in your praises  
you have smiled in me, and
held me briefly in this perpetuity of millennia
you have removed soiled garments
and found a shining naked newness
I am bathed in the glory of your love
and am welcomed unto my saviours  
guardian angels steer fate's course
and in celebrity hold cathedrals
full of chapels full of abundant joy
where bravery goes you are my courage
where subtlety lies you're my discretion
where strength is needed you are my sinew
where succour goes you are my comfort
where fate leads I will follow
you will always be the essence of my love

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Katie Noonan
and Elixir
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Martin Challis is an actor and director in Australia. He recently commenced a coursework Doctorate in Creative Industries developing projects such as The Raw Theatre and Training Company. He's also the director of the Studio For Actors and Ensemble Works.
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january 2006

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