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December 2009

Scene4 Magazine - Healing the Body with Nature in Thailand | Janine Yasovant

by Janine Yasovant

คลิกเพื่ออ่านบทความนี้ เป็นภาษาไทย

Thailand cuisine has so many great kinds of fresh, clean and healthy food which can be easily found throughout the country. Every meal of Thai food has essential nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fat in suitable levels. Moreover, the look, smell and taste of the food, with its spices and herbs can easily arouse the appetite of people. Whether these are old-fashioned or modern recipes, each dish of Thai food is usually decorated elegantly.

What is the intention or love of cooking in Thai people? I can tell you that Thailand is a strongly culture-based country with a relatively homogenous population. Many kinds of Arts, the way of living in different regions as well as strong cultural inheritance—all of these greatly impact the way of Thai cooking. Thai food is easy to cook and equipment and ingredients are easy to find. It is not surprising that we can often see all kinds of Thai food from all regions in one place. The differences between the Northern food and food in other regions can tell us about the cultural roots among them. The selection of ingredients and equipment as well as the training and skills of the cooks differentiate the importance of breakfast, lunch and dinner according to the society and culture. In some societies, breakfast is the most important meal because people need some stamina to do hard work, whereas some societies prefer dinner because people would like to spend their time with their families and friends or business assocites.

In my opinion, though the dining culture of Thai people has changed, the old traditions still exist. For example, Northern and Northeastern Thai people use their hands to pick up the sticky rice and traditional food from the plate. They also use spoons, forks and knives to eat Western foods. Thus, both traditions co-exist. They also adapt traditional food to create new tastes and mix foods from many nations to create new recipes to suit their preferences and way of living.

As time passed, more people became increasingly concerned about their health and their eating behavior has changed. They searched for something more than just taste. Many ignored meat completely. They tried to eat vegetables, fruits, peas and nuts and researched Western experience for ideas and guidance.

This trend can be called "bio-organic consumption". There are many methods to achieve this result especially one method called "Detox". It is simply the consumption of vegetables which contain many vitamins, minerals and fiber. We use fresh vegetables and fruits and often blend them. We drink juice without sugar or sweeteners. People in many other countries pursued this method for a long time but many Thai people only started to take care of their health in recent decades.

One issue that caught my interest was the use of healthy, natural foods in body healing. I knew that healthy food can help both physically and mentally. Nowadays, people are overly dependant on chemical medicines and have little or no interest in other alternative ways. Whenever we are sick, we only trust chemical medicines even for a simple headache. Not only do people suffer from a sickness such as diabetes, high blood pressure, insomnia, but also they suffer from the unpredictable side effects of medicines. Some people have to consume the medicine for the rest of their lives and the excessive use of these chemicals can cause other health problems in the long term. Some patients asked their doctors whether they can stop using medicines and employ alternative therapies, but they were hard-pressed to get satiusfying answers.

I recently came across a best-selling book about alternative medicines which touted an amazing healing method called "Popatas." Popatas1-cr-1The author discusses 'psychic' therapy and healing nutrients as well as the total rejection of any chemical medicines for patients with diabetes, high blood pressure and even cancer. Normally, chemical medicines will only control the symptoms and cannot cure them completely. He also teaches that people should have enough nutrients to cure and protect themselves and fight the sickness effectively. Along with healthy food, he emphasizes 'psychic' and breathing- training and meditation in a way that is quite different from traditional Buddhist practices.  He adamantly recommends that everyone who receives free medical care should stop using chemical medicines.

The author, Dr. Morgan Gaiyasit has degrees in micro biology, mental health and marketing from New Zealand and reveals his options for an alternative treatment of illness as he lectures in institutes and hospitals throughout Thailand. He helps and encourages people for free and forbids anyone to use his methods for personal profit and wealth.

Dr. Gaiyasit's books contain essential guidelines and practices with clear explanations. His most talked-about procedure is a detox recipe to help losing weight and cure obesity, high blood pressure and to successfully decrease sugar in the blood. I would hope it does.


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คลิกเพื่ออ่านบทความนี้ เป็นภาษาไทย

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Scene4 Magazine: Janine Yasovant
Janine Yasovant is a writer in Chiang Mai, Thailand
and a writer for Scene4.

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