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december 2007



XPS M1530



The XPS M1530 is a a multimedia machine that features a boldly stylized hinge, polished chrome detailing, and a slim profile. It is a stunning piece of industrial design. Made with premium materials selected for light-weight durability, plus top-quality finishes and textures. It offers two levels of discrete graphics performance by NVIDIA® which means truly realistic, smooth-loading visuals that are rich with detail with minimal ghosting--128MB or 256MB.
It also provides plenty of other visual surprises, including dual-monitor and picture-in-picture capability, multiple Hi-def display choices, and optional Blu-ray Disc with HDMI for an ultimate mobile viewing experience. 
The XPS M1530 delivers outstanding wireless connectivity. You can travel farther and download faster with the M1530's Wireless-N capability and get excellent reception with multiple built-in antennas. The Wi-Fi CatcherTM finds Wi-Fi hotspots without powering up your notebook. Bluetooth is an option.
The XPS M1530 is available with:

  • Dell MediaDirect for one-touch access to movies, pictures, music and select Microsoft Office applications – without booting up Windows
  • Dual-core processing for maximum performance while running multiple applications
  • Advanced graphics capabilities for an intensified visual experience
  • Versatile listening options, including noise-isolating earbuds to block ambient noise and dual headphone jacks, so you can share the love with a friend
  • Easy data transfer options, including an 8-in-1 media card reader, USB drives and more.
  • A slim remote control (stored conveniently in the ExpressCard slot) for easy access to favorite media
    Hi-def display options for true choice in screen resolution
  • An HDMI connector to transfer unbelievable picture and sound quality with more data and less distortion than traditional analog connections
  • Top-of-the-line video chat with a 2.0 megapixel camera and digital array noise cancellation mics for added audio clarity, depth and realism
  • A biometric finger-print security system for added security and fewer passwords to remember
  • A low-profile, slot-load optical drive for Blu-ray Disc or DVD burner.

Full specifications and special prices at Click-Dell 





The new flagship of the Four Thirds Standard-based Olympus E-System. The E-3 gives photographers a high-performance tool that is primed for any assignment and satisfies the most stringent demands for D-SLR photography. It represents the ultimate choice for the professional photographer and provides the highest levels of speed and image quality as well as Live View capabilities and the ultimate in reliability.

The E-3 features the world's fastest* auto-focusing speeds thanks to an advanced AF system and new ZUIKO DIGITAL SWD (Supersonic Wave Drive) lenses. Matched with shutter speeds of up to 1/8000th sec. and 5fps sequential shooting (with a 19 image RAW buffer in burst mode), the E-3 gives photographers a crucial edge to help capture that decisive shot.

Ensuring the best image quality in the widest range of situations, this new professional model also incorporates a powerful built-in image stabilisation system which is capable of compensating against the effects of camera shake to the equivalent of up to 5 EV steps. This is complemented by a 10 Megapixel High Speed Live MOS sensor and Olympus' TruePic III image processing engine. Together with the ZUIKO DIGITAL lenses – which are custom-made for the needs of D-SLR photography – photographers can rely on optimal results each time.

Meanwhile, the camera's Live View capabilities provide the freedom to shoot with more versatility: Whether wanting to keep eye-contact with the subject or shooting above the head or close to the ground, compositions can be framed with ease on the 2.5"/6.4cm multi-angle HyperCrystal LCD, which also faithfully displays the effect of camera adjustments in real time.

In addition to Live View, photographers can also choose to use the camera's large viewfinder which provides 100% coverage. Like all Olympus E-System cameras, the E-3 incorporates the most effective dust reduction system available – the Supersonic Wave Filter. Reliability of the camera system is further heightened under all types of shooting conditions thanks to dust and splashproof protection of both body and most E-System lenses. Moreover, a shutter life of 150,000 operations guarantees that the E-3 will tolerate the treatment of even the most active photographer with ease.

Full specifications and special prices at Click-Olympus



New Technology Editors
Martin Selkirk
Danin Adler

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december 2007

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