An Etiquette Guide for the Blind

Kathi Wolfe

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writings: poetry

August 2013

from the Uppity Blind Girl poems

"How much noise pollution do we need?  I've never...seen a blind person cross the street by themselves."  Peter Renehan
, The Gothamist

Never unseemly awaken the sleeping city
from its pastoral dreams of sirens,

falling cranes, rabid rats and car horns,
tapping your canes, Seeing-Eye dogs,

by your side, chomping-at-the-bit
to save your own hide.  Too much drama,

too much noise pollution.  Don't listen
to these annoying, histrionic, electronic

birds, nesting in innocent traffic lights,
chirping from morning to night, world

without end, o dread, disturbing
the peace of the living and the dead,

so you'll know when to walk, at 7 or 2 am,
across the street.  Must polite society

hear the incessant tweets of do-gooder birds
so, you can go, solo, on midnight rambles?

Be a bard, seer, or singer,
just don't dare to walk by yourself,

guided by clamoring, yammering
birds.  Give a hoot, don't pollute.

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Kathi Wolfe is a writer, poet and a Senior Writer and columnist for Scene4.
Her reviews and commentary have also appeared in an array of publications.

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August 2013

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