Scene4, an online international monthly magazine of performing arts and media, features an array of articles on the performing arts and media, commentary, and interviews with writers, composers, actors, directors, musicians, designers, and filmmakers.

Views — commentaries on the performing arts and media:

Arthur Meiselman, American writer, playwright, director
Michael Bettencourt, American playwright, writer
Ned Bobkoff, American writer, director, playwright
Andréa Carvalho, Brazilian writer, producer
Martin Challis, Australian actor, director
Claudine Jones, American actress and producer
Andrea Kapsaski, UK writer, producer, scholar
Nathan Thomas, American actor, director, educator

reViews — reviews of the performing arts and media:

Catherine Honig (American writer and critic) reviews the arts
Francesca Lombardo (writer and critic) London and Rome
Akia Squitieri (American writer, performer and director) reviews NY Theatre
Renate Stendhal (writer, editor and critic) reviews film, dance, and music


The making of a new opera  Gertrude Stein Invents A Jump Early On
by Karren Alenier (American poet and librettist).
The Arts of Thailand – Janine Yasovant (Thai lecturer and writer)

And More...  Classified Ads ... de classé (of course!), "Q-reviews". short, biting readers' reviews of theatre and film, "Contacts&Links", a selected list of linked resources, and its notorious "Letters To The Editor". And there is a comprehensive Archive of past issues and articles published from year 2000 through the last issue.

In This Issue

Lorena Feijoo, Definition of Ballerina,  Gertrude Stein, New York Theatre,
Debussy, Sud Pralad, I La Galigo, War of the Worlds, Steven Spielberg, Robert Wilson, Tropical Malady, Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Orson Welles, Amir Haddad, Tá na Rua, theatre, dance, radio, Iri Kopal


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