April 2011

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Blackfest, Part II
The burr under the saddle comes out of the project's mission statement: to celebrate work that "boldly and refreshingly explore[s] slavery and/or the Civil War."  Actually, two burrs under the saddle.  First, I think this focus is past its prime, and, second, I think it's insufficiently bold.
Michael Bettencourt

All Things Old Become New Again and All Things New Are Forever Old
They babble, hardly hear, barely listen, remember little. From the Age of Elegance to the Age of Reason to the Age of Invention to the Age of whatever the 20th century was to the Age of Babble. Only the born-deaf among us stay ahead of the struggle to be free in their own privacy.
Arthur Meiselman

An Artist's Apology
Artists are different.  That's our job.  Our job in life is see through the creative and inventive and unique prisms of our souls and communicate through our music, our paint brushes, our acting, our directing. 
Nathan Thomas

Dysfunction As A Career Strategy!
If you haven't heard of Charlie Sheen's troubles and travails by now, you must live off the grid and under a rock.  Just like the subject of last month's piece (Anna Nicole Smith), it's all Charlie all the time.  But unlike Smith, Charlie is still very much with us…at least for now.
Les Marcott

Rainy Day
It seems that in order to get past this, I'm going to have to face another demon. Why did I suddenly stop desiring to sing? I used to just open my mouth & out it came. The technique could use some work, but the desire was always simple. No longer. If that is a question with no answer, so be it.
Claudine Jones

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April 2011

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