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Michael Bettencourt
 What happens when the fifth anniversary of a war arrives in a culture tutored on entertainment and non-rational, non-linear modes of processing information?

Arthur Meiselman
Lima... Peru not Ohio
In my arrogant Manhattan innocence
I had made a naive mistake and so did my editor. I went to Lima in April
on a Friday, Good Friday

Nathan Thomas
Requiescat in Pace
He directed, acted, designed,
 wrote plays, lit plays, and kibitzed
 about plays with equal facility.
  He was a voracious reader of scripts.

Claudine Jones
It’s All About the Hair
 I’ve always been at war with hair.
  A director who casts me
 and then insists she wants
 ‘the hair at the audition’.

Les Marcott
C’mon Get Happy!
 Bubblegum Pop and Teenage Idols

It’s hard to believe that in the era of Vietnam, political assassination, Nixon, Watergate, and social turmoil we still had songs like C’mon Get Happy!

Martin Challis
Ways of Being and
 Practices of Communication

As hammers are essential to creating carpenters so then are communication tools essential to creating greater levels of communication and ways of being.

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