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Michael Bettencourt-Scene4 Magazine

Watson Heston
Swimming against the current of
this country’s obsessions with
religion, empire, and capitalism

Michael Bettencourt

Arthur Meiselman-Scene4 Magazine

Hillary In The Movies
In 1964 the idea of a Woman
President was as threatening as
the idea of a woman's vote

Arthur Meiselman

Nathan Thomas-Scene4 Magazine

The Brother of Liberty
Is Frustration

Freedom is a slippery question. It
only means something relative to...
Nathan Thomas

Les Marcottt-Scene4 Magazine
Claudine Jones-Scene4 Magazine
Patrick Walsh-Scene4 Magazine

Waylon: My Outlaw Dad
(redux) Told with candor, brutal honesty, a tale of sex, drugs, pinball
addiction & outlaw country music

Les Marcott

Designed for Junk
Since I lost half our chickens to
varmints, there was nothing to do
but to whisk them away to safety
Claudine Jones

Joseph Hewes
And his house in Princeton.
There’s something wonderfully democratic about the place

Patrick Walsh



August 2016

Volume 17, Issue 3

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